0ther Hats  - Same Head

Music Work - Performance / Studio: 

I'm available as an accompanist and a competent sight-reader in a variety of genres.  
Project depending, I can usually improvise or write something that fits on the spot.
I can help arrange, notate or produce recordings of other's music and know lots of players on different instruments and can actualize / manifest creative vision.
Or I simply lay down some tracks if you want...
If you're out of town I can track remotely as needed.   Contact me with inquiries if interested 
I love studio work.
I have also done music for weddings and special events - organized bands and provided music for ceremony and / or receptions.
Contact me at earthtowilsonATgmailDOTcom


By day I currently teach elementary music in Hays CISD, using the Kodaly
approach to literacy and incorporating songs and music from Classical to pop and from around the world.
I taught for 6 years at Maplewood Elementary, where I created and piloted the Maplewood Ukulele Choir and Drum Ensemble, sometimes
40 players strong, singing folk tunes to Tom Waits or Elvis Costello and for 4 years at the Austin Discovery School in East Austin.  

Some evenings I teach private lesssons to adults: theory, improvisation, songwriting, basic guitar or piano.
I've led large group instruction of children and adults, for beginning to intermediate guitar, ukulele, and drumming ensembles
and also teach a songwriting camp out of Agua Fresca in Wimberley every summer.